“But I love the feel of a book…”

Here’s the perfect gift for MacBook owners who love the feel (and look) of a book, a case that looks like a beloved leatherbound volume. Now they just need to make one for Kindle and Nook!



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2 responses to ““But I love the feel of a book…”

  1. Nancy, if you search my blog link under “The Bindle” or google the term under blog news, you will see that Bindle I invented and copyright in 2009.

    also see here



  2. Nancy, hi, i used to be a HarperCollins author, Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House , audio tape by daniel halevi bloom…….., how come you don’t email me back?
    I saw yr recent commetn on NYTimes blog, good!

    i added after yours, this:

    Danny Bloom
    Polar City One
    February 17th, 2010
    8:50 am

    This is an important discussion. I have a hunch that reading on screens is vastly inferior to reading on paper, and that reading on screens is not even reading in the old sense of the word, it is a new kind of reading mode, and I have dubbed it [screening] for now until a better word comes along, since we read on screens, I took the noun and verbed it into screening and I know I know, there are already multiple earlier meanings for screening, such screening a movie, or screening cancer patients or screening job applicants, but many words have earlier multiple meanings, we read the weather, we read faces, we read palms, we read clouds, we read maps, so don’t tell me screening is not good word here, it is. And my hunch is that future MRI scan studies will show that different parts of the brain light up when we read on paper compared to when we read on screens and that reading on paper is much better for such things as processing info, analyzing info, retaining info and emotionally taking in the info. I know 99.9 percent of you here do not believe me, but read the works of Anne Mangen and Maryanne Wolf and others in the field, they back me up completely. Okay, maybe the word we settle on for screen-reading will not be screening, since so many of you hate this word. But a new word will arise, naturally, organically. Watch. I will not be wrong about this, but it will take time to prove me right. No problem, my middlle name is patience.


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