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Let’s Talk About Books (and eReaders and marketing) Radio Show 06/23/2011 with Lynn Serafinn

Tomorrow’s guest on Let’s Talk About Books is author and transformation coach Lynn Serafinn who will give us insights into her book’s success. My cohost Stephanie Gunning and I will also be talking about eReaders and book marketing, and we hope you find our insights and tips helpful. Feel free to call in as you’re listening at The show is from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

Also, I wanted to add something to what I was saying last week about book endorsements. Don’t forget that you can also ask a potential endorser to write a foreword for your book! The coauthor of my book Raising a Sensory Smart Child had admired Temple Grandin, the famous cattle-handling-facility designer and author of books on autism, for years, and wrote to her, cold, asking if she would consider giving us a foreword. She did and that’s been incredibly invaluable for us. Don’t be afraid to ask, even if you don’t know someone. If you’ve written a marvelous book that offers great value to people, people may very well be willing to lend their name and write a foreword or endorsement.


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BlogTalk Radio Show: Let’s Talk About Books with Nancy Peske and Stephanie Gunning

My dear friend and long-time colleague, Stephanie Gunning, had a great idea the other day: The two of us should do an online radio show in which we could share our insights about the book industry, writing books, marketing them, and building platforms. Stephanie and I always have lively conversations and I always come away from them with fresh insights. The two of us have known each other since the early 90s when we were both in-house acquisitions editors at HarperCollins Publishers, back in the days before email and laptops. And now we’ve got so many ways to reach out and help authors learn from our insights I can hardly keep track of them all!

The half-hour show will be broadcast every Thursday morning from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time and you can listen online at  This morning’s show went great considering an unexpected technical glitch and me being a newbie to broadcasting online (I did a lot of radio in my Cinematherapy publicity days, though, so that helped). This week’s newsy topic was the closing of Borders’ bookstores and the future of brick-and-mortar stores (Is there one? Stephanie and I think so!). We also talked about garnering endorsements for your book at the early stages–even before it’s written, and before you have an agent! Next week, we’ll be talking about the eReader Revolution and will be interviewing Allison Maslan, a life, career, and business coach who will talk about her bestselling book Blast Off! (Learn more about Allison HERE).

Feel free to call in with questions and give us feedback on our Facebook page for the show: Let’s Talk About Books. You can also follow the show on Twitter: We’re “4BookWriters” and the hashtag is #BookBiz

Developmental Editor and Ghostwriter Stephanie Gunning joins Nancy Peske for Let's Talk About Books, a new weekly radio show on every Thursday

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Freaking out about the uncertainty of life? Check out WHOLELINESS by Dr. Carmen Harra

I’m so excited for my client, Carmen Harra, Ph.D., who is launching her book WHOLELINESS: Embracing the Sacred Unity that Heals Our World. It’s an incredibly rich and reassuring guide to using the sacred bonds we have with each other, Spirit, nature, time, and within ourselves (mind-body-soul) to give ourselves strength and courage so that we can make it through this time of turbulence and heal ourselves and perhaps, too, our small corner of the fabric of reality. Dr. Harra is a licensed clinical psychologist in NY who also has a Ph.D. in hypnosis and is a metaphysical intuitive, and in addition, is an immigrant from a totalitarian regime in Eastern Europe, which gives her an unusual perspective on what we’re going through here in the West as we face the turning point of 2012 (don’t worry, it’s not doomsday–she explains in the book why we have a propensity for projecting negativity on turning points and inventing concepts like doomsday!).

2012 doomsday fears and uncertainty in these turbulent times plaguing you? WHOLELINESS offers an antidote and a tonic!

Working with Dr. Harra really opened me to the sources of strength all around me that I tend to overlook when I start to get anxious and fearful about the present and future. I love her practical ideas (especially the ones for conversing with angry people–don’t we all need some help with that these days?) and for adopting a three-step healing practice of Observe, Pray, Act. It was truly extraordinary to be in on her writing process and be the first to hear these incredible ideas that are rooted in her studies of Kabbalah, cognitive therapy, numerology, hypnosis, 19th century Spiritism, etc., as well as her extraordinary life experiences. Having done some sessions with her, I can tell you her intuitive talents are shockingly well honed. What she has to say about where all of us are headed, and how to hold on to our center while we’re getting there, are SO helpful.


Help Carmen get a bestseller this week!

And hey, if you buy the book this week, you get tons of bonus gifts and will be entered to win a digital camera, a flatscreen TV and tickets to a Hay House I Can Do It! event.

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