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How to Cut and Paste to Organize a Rough Chapter

I do this type of rough cut-and-paste, old-school developmental editing whenever I work on a chapter that’s in really rough condition. Check it out!

Note that sometimes, I’ll organize a rough chapter in a Word document by typing, in all caps, a simple header over the text related to that topic. I’ll assign a color to each subject–green for one, blue for another, purple for another, and so on. Then I’ll highlight and color the sections associated with each chapter and choose to view the document in 10 or 25% view. I can see the pieces of purple, highlight them, and consolidate them. That’s often easier than mentally processing all the many different topics to pull them together. Plus, it can save paper!

Need help organizing your book? Contact me at info@nancypeske.com and ask about developmental editing and book evaluation.


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