Ghost Writer For Hire: Help Writing Your Book

One of my hats is ghostwriting, and I just made a little promotional video about this service. (For those of you thinking of creating videos of your own to promote your work, I made this using iMovie software, stock photographs, and royalty free music, for under $20: check out for music and video clips, and and for photographs. I began with a script, looked for photographs to illustrate my core ideas, and found appropriate music from my collection.).

Ghostwriting is a skill that requires you to be attuned to your client’s voice. When I ghostwrite, I fuss over transition words (would that client say “then too” or “moreover”?), adjectives, sentence structure, first- versus second- or third-person, and the rhythms of a person’s spoken voice. I read samples of their past writing and talk to them about what they liked or didn’t like about their voice in those samples. I have no defensiveness when they tweak my writing, and I encourage them to tell me, “I wouldn’t use that word” (oops, my bad!) or “I wouldn’t say it quite that way; there’s a nuance I have to explain to you.” I remember one client telling me years ago, “I am gentle with my readers because they have a great deal of embarrassment about their situations, so I never say ‘You should’ or start a sentence with ‘Don’t.'” Wow, was that helpful feedback!


I think that to be a good ghostwriter, you have to have a firm grasp of voice in your own writing.


Who is your audience, and how would you like them to perceive you? Voice should reflect the relationship you want to create between you, the writer, and your reader. It is not simply about what you want to say and how you want to say it. As a developmental editor, I’ve been known to point out places in an author’s book where I think his tone is a little off and needs to be tempered. I know some people think that if you write books using your own voice, you can’t successfully switch over to writing in someone else’s voice. This simply isn’t true. It’s really a matter of setting aside your ego and tuning in to the other person’s energy, personality, and styles of speaking and writing.

One of the advantages of having me ghostwrite their books, my clients have discovered, is that when they are suddenly asked to write something short-form on a deadline, I can jump in easily to do it for them, not just because I know their ideas and material but because I know how they like to sound on the page or screen. For a busy professional running workshops and seminars, having a ghostwriter available can be an incredible asset even after the book is written. Jumping in to that role when you don’t know a person and his voice well is much harder, I am sure!



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6 responses to “Ghost Writer For Hire: Help Writing Your Book

  1. “I think that to be a good ghostwriter, you have to have a firm grasp of voice in your own writing.” So true. Great ghost writing services are those that do the research, find out the tone of the company’s narrative and how it interacts with its target market, and effectively writes to capture that relationship. You can’t just go in cold and wing it; you need to put in the proper research so you can truly understand and perpetuate the client-customer relationship.


  2. I am just starting ghost writing and fully agree, you need to know how your client would write. If your client would write like a southern hick, you have to follow their pattern, after all you are the ghost…not the writer.


  3. Gregg Schafer

    Nancy- I have been in the process of writing my own autobiography this past year. I have even given a presentation regarding my story, but have yet to format it and complete it. I would like to visit with you over the phone to get to know you, and discuss some questions regarding what exactly you do as a ghost writer. Please respond to this message I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you



    I’ve left several messages, I’m not quite sure for no response on your end, can you please tell me about your process of program.

    Thank You
    Gregg Schafer


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