Enhanced e-Books or “Vooks”

The New York Times reports that publishers are beginning to create enhanced e-books that feature film clips, deleted scenes from novels, and other extras that enhance the reading experience. We’re at the beginning of a new era and judging by history, publishers will first invest in making such enhanced books for bestsellers or frontlist books and later, for midlist books, then finally, perhaps, they’ll take a look at their backlist to find ways to relaunch old favorites in an enhanced form. As the process of finding material and clearing permissions becomes smoother, the business model will reveal itself. It will take time but I’m very much looking forward to an enhanced book experience!


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One response to “Enhanced e-Books or “Vooks”

  1. Dear Nancy

    The advent of enhanced books is very exciting, but the sad truth is they’re just to expensive for publishers to create for anything but their most frontlist books. However, you can enhance your own books, or indeed any book at all, for free at http://www.bookdrum.com, a new site that allows Contributors to upload images and information, or embed videos and music to accompany particular passages in books. We’ve already built comprehensive profiles for around 100 classic and contemporary titles. We’d be glad to see your books join the list!

    Kind regards

    Hector Macdonald
    Editor, Book Drum


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