Eight myths about freelance book editing

Recently, I surfed the internet looking for advice and information about hiring a freelance editor or writer and found a lot of myths floating about. Too often, I’ve been called in to help out a would-be writer after she’s plopped down several thousand dollars for editorial or ghostwriting services, only to find herself no closer to a publishable manuscript. I get frustrated when I hear such stories of editing gone bad! That’s why I’d like to bust some myths about editors and agents I’ve come across on the web to help you avoid hiring the wrong freelance book editor. Here are some of the myths I’m busting in my new PDF available on my services page at http://www.nancypeske.com

MYTH 1: An excellent editor can help you with ANY type of book you’d like to publish.

MYTH 2: Editors at book publishing houses don’t edit these days.

MYTH 3: A freelance editor that helps you prepare your book proposal to sell to a traditional book publisher does not need to know the marketplace.

MYTH 4: A great freelance editor has passed a copyediting and proofreading test offered by an online editors’ site.

MYTH 5: All editors do the same type of work.

MYTH 6: A great editor can proofread, copyedit, and do heavy structural and line editing at the same time.

MYTH 7: There’s a stigma to hiring a ghostwriter, coauthor, or collaborator.

MYTH 8: You can always find a terrific writer or editor last minute because there are so many of them out there.

Have you bought into these myths?


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